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Basic words related to family is important to be able to introduce yourself

A1 vocabulary:

English Catalan French Latin Portuguese Spanish
brother germà frère frater, fratris, m irmão hermano
sister germana soeur soror, sororis, f irmã hermana
father pare père pater, patris, m pai padre
mother mare mère mater, matris, f mãe madre
son fill fils filius, filii, m filho hijo
daughter filla fille fīlia, filiae, f filha hija
husband marit mari maritus, mariti, m marido marido
wife esposa uxor, uxoris, f épouse, femme esposa esposa, mujer

... ... ...

A2+ vocabulary:

  • grandfather
  • grandmother
  • cousin
  • uncle
  • twin

Other vocabuluary:

  • parents

Notes on morphology

  • Arabic:
    • Brother is irregular
  • German:
    • Most basic family words are old words that change the vowel by adding a ¨

Other usages

  • Spanish: tio means guy

Similarities between languages

  • Romance languages
  • Germanic languages
  • Arabic/Maltese

Differences between languages

  • German and Japanese: a word meaning brothers and sisters
    • German: Geschwister
    • Japanese: 兄弟 (kyôdai)
  • Arabic: word for maternal and paternal uncle
  • Chinese: many words for uncles, aunts, grandfathers, depending on their relations
  • Japanese
    • different word to refer to someone from your family and someone who is not
    • different words for younger and older brother
  • Wolof
    • has a different word for older sibling (mag) and younger sibling (rakk)
    • by default Wolof does not make a difference in sex between son/daugher, older brother/older sister, younger brother/younger sister. When needed, ju góor (boy) and ju jigéen (girls) to mark the difference.
    • See also: famille (wolof)


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