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Fasting phases

  • glucose and other nutrient from ingested food (up to 6-8 hours)
  • glucogenolysis: sugar are produced by liver for whole body and muscles produce only for own consumption (typically 10-16 hours after meal). Stored glucose in liver can last 12-24 hours.
  • neoglucogenolysis: liver transform fat and proteins into glucose
  • lipolysis and ketosis

Fasting adresses

Fasting and hiking

Fasting and science

In the West, there is limited scientific studies due to complexity to follow standard procedure (e.g. blind tests with control groups) over long period of time. There is also limited investment from the industry, since it is difficult to sell patented products for fasting.

However, fasting has been studied in the West:

In the US, doctors naturopaths have been studied fasting:

In France, there are more limited studies:

  • Guillaume Guelpa

In Russia, fasting was studied for mental diseases with water fasting. They were carried by Youri Sergueïevitch Nikolaïev. A fasting center was established in Goriatchinsk

In Germany, Dr Otto Buchinger popularized fasting. In his fasting soups are consumed.

In the US, Valter Longo who specialized in longevity studied the effect of caloric restriction on longevity of micro-organisms.

Some scientists